Door Buzzers / Door Closer Systems Add That Extra Bit Of Security Your Business Needs

We Carry A Wide Variety Of Door Buzzer Systems

At Richmond Lock & Key, we offer premium commercial door buzzer system installations. Any commercial property and business can benefit immensely from added security provided by door buzzer systems.


  • Doorman is not needed.
  • An employee can stay at their work station and open a locked door without having to abandon their post.
  • Improved office efficiency with fewer distractions.
  • Added security especially when you install a system that has a camera.


In today’s day in age, no office or commercial property should be without a buzzer system or the security we offer at Richmond Lock & Key.

Need An Automatic Door Closer Installed?

Automatic Door Closer systems are an essential tool for any business and commercial property.

They provide security by preventing doors from staying open, and prevent them from getting damaged by people slamming them shut. They also help reduce your costs on heating and air conditioning throughout the year.

If your door is not closing all the way, slams shut or its too hard to open, your existing door closer may not be installed properly or it is damaged.

Call Richmond Lock & Key and we’ll provide you with a free estimate on repair or replacement.