Locks Re-Keyed, Repaired or Replaced

Locks are a serious investment and we treat that investment accordingly.

Rekeying a Lock Versus Changing a Lock.

Re-keying Locks

When we re-key locks, we disassemble them, remove the pins and springs from the lock cylinders, and change them out for new ones. Since the old key was designed to work with the lock’s original configuration of key pins, it will no longer work.

We can give you a new set of keys to match, right away and whoever has the old ones will no longer be able to enter.

Reasons to Re-key a Lock

  • When keys have been lost or stolen
  • Landlords also have locks re-keyed when their renters move out
  • Homeowners do so after purchasing a new property and
  • Family disputes

Commercial property owners typically request re-keying for one of two reasons.

  • Either they’ve had to fire a potentially vindictive employee,
  • or one of their employees has accidentally lost their key.

In both these cases, the safest and most affordable solution is to call us to have the locks re-keyed.

What if a building has multiple locks that require different keys, but they’re all made by the same manufacturers? We can re-key all the locks to match the same key.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Re-keying Locks

A high quality rebuilt, and re-keyed lock is just as secure as brand-new ones. Since the process is generally quick and easy it can save you money over a replacement.

All locks are designed to be re-keyed. This process requires specialized tools, which often vary by manufacturer, so property owners will still have to call an experienced locksmith. Richmond Lock & Key has the tools and parts necessary to take any re-keying job.

Changing Locks

While re-keying a lock is a great way to solve problems with lost or stolen keys, it’s not the solution to every problem.

Sometimes the locks are simply too worn out to re key. Some old locks aren’t just ugly, they may be more difficult to operate or may stop working entirely.

Richmond Lock & Key offers solutions for both residential and commercial customers that want to improve the security of their homes or commercial buildings.

Our selection covers everything from Modern to Vintage, offering both traditional and digital solutions for home and office.

Changing a building’s locks gives property owners more control. We can help you switch to high-security or electronic models,  create Master Key Systems and improve the appearance of your home or building.



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